WildMap Guided Trails of SsMJ Churchyard

The St Mary and St John Churchyard Group, in partnership with Wildknowledge and Oxford Brookes University, have created four interactive and educational nature and history trails. These trails have been designed for school children in years 6 and 7 (although they provide much interest for all ages) and take into account the National Curriculum Programme of Study learning objectives for both science and history.
The trails are:

The trails use Smartphone and GPS location technology to guide you round the 2 acre churchyard with 10 to 12 interest points per trail. At each interest point you can access text information, photographs and a quiz question.

These trails are available free of charge. They give the local community the opportunity to explore the churchyard while providing students with a fun and educational experience.

To access the trails:

android QR code


iphone QR


To support school visits, there is a Teachers & Visitors Guidance document providings booking details, health and safety information, and guidance on pre-visit preparation. In addition, three project documents have been created:

These offer guidance and suggestions on how schools can turn what would otherwise be a standalone visit to SsMJ churchyard, into a specific project. They are designed to incorporate ICT skills, research skills, group working and independent learning skills.

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