This website has gathered material from many people associated with east Oxford and the Parish of Cowley St John, but particular thanks go to the major contributors:

Annie Skinner, who carried out the research, drew up the Tables of memorials and wrote the historical fact sheets.

Julie Norris, who designed and wrote the leaflets on the seasonal wildlife and on interesting and artistic monuments

Jayne Saberton-Haynes, Ss Mary & John CE Primary School, who wrote the Teachers' Guides for Key Stage 1 and 2

Wendy Cartwright, History teacher at Cheney School, who wrote the Teachers' Guides for Key Stage 3 and 4 and 5

Linda Francis, designer of the Interpretation boards.

John Ashdown, author of the fact sheet on the Grimsley Family of Memorial Sculptors

Malcolm Graham, Head of Oxfordshire Studies, whose own research and advice have underpinned a great deal of current study of the area

Julian Litten, Vice-president of the Church Monument Society, who carried out an assessment of the churchyard monuments.

Bob Jeffery, former sub-Dean of Christ Church, who advised on the life and mission of Father Richard Benson

John Boyl, who contributed text and photos from his account of the history of the Methodist Church

Margaret Cullen, artist and source of oral history

The Society of the All Saints Sisters of the Poor, for photos from their archives.

Len Clark (text) and Margaret Cullen (line drawings), for the Centenary leaflets about Ss Mary & John Church

Steve Allen at oxogen, who has built the website

Ruth Conway, co-ordinator of the churchyard restoration project, who wrote the various accounts of recent developments.

The plan of the churchyard, and the maps showing the location of graves, were drawn by Alan Simpson of the Oxfordshire Family History Society (OFHS) and are reproduced with permission. A full transcript of the inscriptions on all the gravestones was prepared under his leadership and is available in a CD-ROM. Details are on OFHS website: .

Crucially, the preparation of this educational resource, and the restoration work in the churchyard that allows for safe educational visits, has been made possible by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund


The purpose of the website is to encourage more people, particularly the younger generation, to enjoy the natural peace and beauty of the churchyard and learn about the social history of the area and its past inhabitants. Teachers and educators are therefore especially welcome to use the content, provided the website and the authors are acknowledged as the source. 

Copyright is held by Ss Mary & John Church. If you have any queries relating to copyright issues or the reproduction of material, please contact

Copyright in some material included on this site is held by third parties who have given permission for its use. In the case of pictures this is normally indicated in a caption accompanying the image. If any material inadvertently infringes copyright, please contact as above.

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